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Usha is the daughter of Charles Sobhraj, a notorious French serial killer who was apprehended by the Nepal Police in 2003 and was given a life sentence for murdering an American national in Nepal in 1975.



Usha was born in the early 70s (age approximately 50-55 years; as of 2021) in Mumbai, India. In 1973, her criminal father, Charles Sobhraj, fled to Afghanistan with Usha and her mother, Chantal Compagnon, after escaping from police custody in Delhi. Charles, along with Usha’s mother, was caught on the Afghanistan-Iran border and was imprisoned in Kabul, while Usha was expatriated to France, by the French embassy officials, to live with her maternal grandparents. Soon after being arrested, Charles broke out of Afghan Police’s captivity by drugging a guard and then went straight to Paris where he drugged his mother-in-law before kidnapping infant Usha. Shortly after abducting Usha, Charles’ crooked activities pushed him behind the bars yet again, after which Usha was once more sent to her maternal grandparents. Once Usha’s mother, Chantal, was released from Kabul prison, she got Usha’s full custody and relocated to the USA to keep Usha away from her father’s clutches permanently. It is believed that Usha grew up in the USA; however, over the years, all the efforts to reach her have failed.


  • Usha’s real-life character, Madhu, is portrayed in the Netflix & BBC web series “The Serpent,” inspired by her father’s criminal life.
    A still from the web series The Serpent showing a child as Usha

    A still from the web series The Serpent showing a child as Usha

  • Usha is around 20 years older than Sobhraj’s current wife, Nihita Biswas.
    Nihita Biswas with Charles Sobhraj

    Usha’s father, Charles Sobhraj, with his second official wife, Nihita Biswas, whom he married inside the Central Jail of Kathmandu in 2008

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