Animations and where to use them

In this article, you will learn what animation is, where to find a high quality online animation maker and where to use these animations. Animation is a technology for creating moving images using various technical means such as graphic editors. 

Such animations can be used in many places:

  • in advertising and branding campaigns of different companies;
  • used in social networks – for example, to attract a new audience, as part of the intro for YouTube videos and so on;
  • the question of using animation in general is limited only by your imagination.

These animations work best for YouTube and social networks. A high-quality animated intro speaks of the YouTuber’s professionalism. In addition, it attracts the attention of the audience. And if the animated intro is changed from time to time to another one, this will only increase the interest of the audience.

Some tips for creating animation

There are several general guidelines for creating good animation. They are suitable for both animation for Instagram and for Facebook or YouTube:

  • Collect as much information as possible – if your animation is thematic, you should understand the topic and the animation should correspond to it.
  • Make your content “different” – regardless of the theme of your YouTube channel or Twitter blog, there are a huge number of channels with the same theme. Study what they show and come up with something new and different. Or at least with something “not the same”.
  • Don’t forget about time – look at the average animation duration on channels with similar themes. The animation should not be too short, then the viewer will not understand anything. But it should not be done too long either – the viewer may lose interest. Find the golden middle.
  • Don’t make animation too “complex” – abstract and complex animation is good and speaks of your education. But often the knowledge and images that you have in your head are only there. Many will not understand this. Therefore, do not make the animation too complicated. The viewer should understand what is happening and what is the point.
  • Don’t forget about the children – even if, according to statistics, there are only a few percent of conditional children among your viewers, this does not mean that in fact there are so few of them. After all, no one sits next to the audience and finds out what their real age is.
  • Create your hero – if your channel or blog is themed and you plan to use a lot of animation, come up with your own character. It can be an animal, a robot, or a fictional person. Over time, this hero can develop and fall into different stories. Yes, even though it’s just a preview or a small advertisement.
  • Stay one step ahead – try to surprise your audience by coming up with something new and unusual. Do not bet on something that has already been used hundreds and thousands of times before you. Get creative.
  • Humor works – everyone has a different sense of humor. Study your audience. After all, they are constantly watching your content and leaving feedback. Find something that makes them laugh and smile and use it in your animation.
  • Sound – yes, sound quality is about half the job. After all, the audience not only sees, but also hears. Good animation and bad sound will scare them away, and vice versa. Good animation + good sound = the audience is delighted.
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Those simple rules can make your animation look professionaland will-thought. Just don’t be scares to experiment and make something that will stand out among other projects.

Online animation maker

You do not have to spend years of painstaking work to create high-quality animation. Yes, if you do not have education and experience, your animation will not be as high quality as a professional one, but you do not create games or films – you run your own blog or channel. For these needs, relatively easy-to-learn online editors will suffice. One of these is

Register on the site and go to Further, the system will quickly teach you how to use the main features and tools of the site. If this is not enough for you, go to the section on video and text lessons and manuals. There you will find all the necessary knowledge. The database of lessons, tools and templates is constantly updated – if you don’t find something today, you might find it tomorrow.

Should you trust this online resource? Read the reviews of real users on other sites and decide for yourself. The choice is ultimately yours. We wish you good luck and many subscribers, views and followers!

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