Thanks to technological development in recent decades, our lives have greatly improved. Everything has been digitized. You do not even have to go to a casino to have fun anymore. You can just go to

But along with the entertainment industry, investment has also shifted to the online system. Regardless of the covid 19 pandemic. It has never been so easy and convenient to invest your money. This trend is a global one. Especially among Millennials and Generation Z. Among them, the majority of smartphone owners can be found. Therefore, the trend has the biggest impact among them. It is easier to keep track of stock markets and capital inflows, all from your phone. Within seconds, you can access all the information you need. 

Compared to their parents’ and grandparents’ generation, they have more knowledge about investments at the same age. Millennials and Generation Z show that they have diversified portfolios at a young age.

Although stocks and EFTs (exchange-traded funds) still play a role in diversifying a portfolio, it is cryptocurrencies that have become more attractive to younger generations.

Investing has really moved online. Cryptocurrencies or anything else can be bought and sold within seconds. This has become possible thanks to various applications on the Play Store. No matter what you want to invest in, you can quickly find the right thing for you. Be it ETF, stocks, or crypto. 

As more and more younger people own a smartphone, this has led to more and more investors buying their cryptocurrencies via apps. Among the favorites are Binance and Trade Republic. 

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They have a wide user base around the world and are considered reliable. These consumer-friendly systems simplify the buying process and keep track of your funds. 

The majority seems to agree on which currency to invest in. 

In addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and Litecoin were also chosen. 


But just because these two generations have grown up with the internet and technical advice does not mean they are risk-free. Online investing is just as risky as investing with a bank. It is always better to consult an advisor or consultant. Any person with experience can be very helpful in this process. 

As the whole process of investing and buying stocks through apps has become so technical, people forget that it is real money they are dealing with. So never spend or invest more than you can actually afford. 

You are not smarter just because you grew up with this advice. You still have to learn, and you can still fail. 

Newcomers to the financial world make the mistake of having high hopes. They see successful people on social media and think this is possible for me too. Which, of course, is undeniable. But it is rare. Especially with cryptocurrencies. So it is better to know your risks and also your opportunities.

Do not be intimidated, but try to act wisely. After all, this is a new field.

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