Five Best Educational Apps For Students & Children

Smartphones were not that long ago a distraction source for students.
Parents and teachers tried their best to prevent smartphones from affecting the education of students. All of their efforts were futile.
As the old saying goes, every cloud has its silver lining. Mobile app development was this time that silver lining.
Smartphone apps have turned smartphones into virtual classrooms that allow students to focus and do curricular activities easily.
The apps encourage children to love learning and make their journey to education fun and interactive.
The educational landscape is being transformed by mobile apps and new learning management software.
Educational apps make learning, organizing class activities, and developing new skills easy and fun.
This article will highlight the best educational apps available for kids and students to help them use smartphones as learning tools, we also recommend paying attention to essay bot reviews.
So fasten your seatbelts. This is where we are going.

  1. Google Classroom
    Students are often required to submit assignments and complete homework at school.
    Teachers must review them and give their grades as soon as possible. This process is not as easy as it seems.
    To put it mildly, all of these processes can be extremely frustrating. It would be incredible if these processes could be streamlined.
    Google Classroom is the best solution to this problem. Google Classroom is basically a virtual classroom.
    It can be used to send announcements, create classes, start discussions, submit and grade assignments, ask for comments and answer, share resources, and so forth.
    A google classroom is also very easy to create. The class can also share code with teachers.
    The codes are easy to enter and students can join. It takes just a few minutes to create a virtual class.
    Google Classroom Features
    • Enhanced communication
    • Improved organization
    • Faster grading process
  2. Khan Academy
    Khan Academy is a regular top pick on the list for the best educational apps free to students.
    The mission of the app is to offer a world-class education free of charge to all curious minds around the globe.
    We have to admit, they deliver it quite impressively.
    Khan Academy offers a unique way for knowledge to be infused into your brain.
    All lessons can be viewed as video tutorials. Videos show drawings being recorded on a virtual board (similar to a lecturer).
    These drawings are used by the narration to describe each lesson. It’s quite simple, right?
    Khan Academy offers online courses to prepare for standardized tests such as the SAT, MCAT and LSAT.
    Khan Academy Features
    • Learn in multiple languages
    • Tracking progress
    • Practise exercises
  3. Duolingo
    Learning new languages takes patience and practice.
    It is not for everyone. We’ll lose interest and focus if the learning methods aren’t adaptable.
    Duolingo makes language learning easy.
    It allows us to learn languages such as English, French and Spanish. It is interactive and fun.
    It all starts with simple picture labeling games.
    You will find many engaging games as you progress through the levels. These will help improve your grammar and vocabulary.
    You can also set daily goals.
    To provide insight, the app can also track your performance.
    If you do well, you’ll receive XPs. You will unlock more interactive stories to enhance your listening and reading comprehension the more you accumulate XPs.
    Duolingo Features
    • More than 30 languages
    • Interactive stories
    • Forum discussion
    • Competitions for Leaderboards
    • Language Learning Events
  4. Photomath
    Many students have always found mathematics to be a puzzle.
    Maths can be difficult no matter your age.
    Those days are gone.
    Photomath is an app that allows anyone to quickly solve complex math problems.
    Photomath has been ranked as the top learning app for students by many statistics.
    Photomath’s learning process is very simple. Take a photo of printed or handwritten questions.
    The app then teaches you how the app works by providing step-by-step instructions and explanations.
    Photomath Features
    • Scanning printed/handwritten problems
    • Multiple methods of solving problems
    • Animated instructions
    • Interactive graphs
    • Scientific calculator
    • Internet is not required
  5. Kahoot
    Interactive quizzes are a great way to accelerate your learning process.
    Students experience an unfathomable joy when they have the right answers.
    Kahoot is a great learning app for people who like to learn through quizzes.
    Kahoot offers readymade quizzes for any topic.
    You can choose one topic to join live quizzes alongside other players.
    You can also quickly create quizzes and challenge friends to compete with yours.
    Kahoot can also be used for offline quiz competitions.
    It is very easy to set up.
    A teacher or quizmaster creates a Kahoot quiz competition and then shows it to an interactive whiteboard.
    The players can then join the quiz by entering a PIN number and answering questions via the app. The future will see every quiz competition be similar. That would be so exciting!
    Kahoot Features
    • Simple game creation
    • Host live quiz on big screens
    • You can play with more than 2000 live contestants

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