Navpad Oli (Ayambil) Vidhi Day 1 Arihant Pad

Day 1, ARIHANT PAD – implies the person who has vanquished the inward foes, for example, Anger, Greed, Ego, and Deceit. 

Arihant is the incomparable energy of nature. He is the purest soul in the universe with a physical body. Ari implies Enemy and Hant implies destroyer. Here foes are interior and these are Raga(Craving or connection) and Dvesha(Hatred). Thus, Arihant is free from natural connections and contempt and alluded as Veetraga. He lives on the planet with a physical body in culminate balance. He is likewise general onlooker having complete shrewdness that is Kevala Gyaan (Omniscience). 


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