How to get through airport security faster

The airport security takes so long time and you may even end up missing your flight. So if you would like to get through airport security faster, try these 8 tips. 

Prepare your ID and boarding pass in advance

When you arrive at the airport, have your passport/ID and boarding pass ready so that when the security staff checks, you won’t have to rummage through your belongings to search for them. This makes the checking steps much easier and faster. Time is very precious, you should use it rationally in cases where you can be proactive like this.

Pick the shorter line

When you queue through security, there are always some rows that move faster. Therefore, before choosing which line to stand in, you should take a few seconds to observe. Most airports have two or more security areas and the ones closer to the flight gates that see more traffic are usually busier. This may take you further away from your gate, but picking the less busy check-up point at the airport security check can save you precious time.

Also, look out for some security guards standing at the baggage check area. At doors where there are two or more people, one of them is likely new, in training, so the check-in may take longer than usual.

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Choose neat clothes when flying 

One of the reasons why it takes you so long to enter the security checkpoint is the clothes you are wearing. Before entering the scanner at the security check, you have to take off your shoes, coat, and accessories and this is quite time-consuming.  

Therefore, you should choose the right outfit to complete the procedure quickly such as leggings, jeans, a few basic accessories along with loafers, and a compact bag. Preparing in advance pays off, take your jacket, belt, watch, and any jewelry that may set off the metal detectors before you reach the scanners and you will save a few extra minutes.

Make sure that when you reach the conveyor, you use a separate basket for your electronics and your jacket, belt, watch, jewelry (and sometimes shoes).

Take advantage of your benefits and privileges

If you are a “familiar” customer of some airlines, you will be passed more easily at the security check area. You can turn your travels into a smooth experience with special status privileges such as Priority Airport Check-in, Extra Baggage Allowance, Gold Track. Sometimes your privileges can even extend to companions if you are traveling in a group. 

No jokes about bombs or explosives

Joking about guns, bombs, and explosives is taboo and will cost you a lot more time in the security check area. If security personnel hear these things, they are required to do their duties following the law. Accordingly, they will have to check, ask you many questions. 

Organize your luggage

Sometimes bulky luggage arrangements can make you suspicious and take longer to check. Therefore, careful luggage arrangement not only helps you to safely store your personal belongings but also saves time when going through security at the airport. 

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You need to keep some items separate, for example, a coil of iron or a phone charger if left together will look like a detonator and will raise suspicion. Therefore, it is important to arrange furniture properly to avoid misunderstanding and confusion with explosives.

Avoid contraband

If you are unsure of what those items are, you can always check the company and airport websites online. Failing to do so will result in your things being thrown out and in some cases may even lead to questioning.

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