Gift Ideas For Men Under $30

The stressful side of the holiday season – gift shopping – is something that everyone dreads. Whether you’re trawling the mall or simply scrolling through Amazon looking for those perfect gifts, we all know that uncertain feeling: will he like it? The butterflies as it’s unwrapped, the uncomfortable glances and the fake appreciation. Ugh.

Buying for the men in your life can be especially tough. Men are not the best hint-droppers of all time and so your resources are likely to be fairly limited. The pressures around gift-giving simply don’t feature on their radar, so you’re much more likely to be on your own in figuring out what to get them. I’ve even gone for the tried and tested approach of asking outright and got nothing but a shrug in return. Stumped!

Luckily, this list is here to help. The perfect gift, as it turns out, doesn’t have to entail breaking the bank. Picking anything from this selection of 15 groovy gifts, all coming in under $30, is sure to bring the seasonal spirit to your guy.

1. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Every movie lover is guaranteed to love engaging with this fun and interactive top 100 poster. Guys will get the satisfaction of working through the list and after they’ve watched each movie, they can scratch it off the poster to reveal a movie quote or snapshot of a classic scene. They might even pick up some culture on the way!

2. Customized Whisky Glasses

For a gift that looks like it’s roared past our $30 price limit, these customized and engraved whisky glasses are a classy addition to any guy’s drinks cabinet. Every man will love the feeling of sophistication that comes from twirling whisky in these suave glasses, and customization adds a personal touch.  Whisky not included!

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3. Pizza Slice Socks

Socks for Christmas: a timeless classic or an outdated trope? I am a firm believer that it’s the former, and every man will appreciate the opportunity to throw out the ratty old socks he’s been wearing all year. These novelty socks come in their own cardboard pizza box. They might be a bit cheesy but he’s sure to love them.

4. Stanley Hip Flask

As Mae Hodge, blogger at Boomessays and Assignment Writing warns us, “A nip of whisky will warm up the coldest winter days and now your guy will be able to take the whisky with him.” This cool flask from a classic brand is hard wearing and fits the perfect amount of whisky (aka not too much). Ideally supped from beside the campfire, any rustic-feeling guy is going to love this gift.

5. Cold Beer Coats

Whisky for the cold nights, cold brews for the warm days! There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy a refreshing beer in the sun, only to find yourself sipping a tepid tipple. Luckily, these insulating jackets will keep his beer ice cold.

6. The Cook’s Palette Chilli Collection

This gift is sure to spice up your Christmas and might even encourage your man into the kitchen. Celebrate his love for all things spice with this tongue-tingling set of 12 rare chillies. Coming in powder form, he’ll be able to add these to his favourite curry or chilli recipe and explore some exotic flavours from around the world. 

7. Carhartt Work Gloves

A hard-wearing pair of work gloves are essential for any handy guy and these comfortable fitting and stylish gloves will become a firm favourite. Made of breathable fabric to keep his hands cool while he’s working, these gloves are a practical and appreciable gift for any man.

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8. Petzl Tikkina Headlamp

Petzl’s high-powered headlamp is a fine gift for any guy, whether he’s a keen camper or just likes to potter around the garden at night. With a 55m beam and multiple power modes it’s suitable for any night-time activity. This headlamp will help your man cook up on the campfire or find his way home.

9. Fisher Space Pen

This aesthetically pleasing pen is a vision to behold, but also provides an eminently practical purpose. It’s hard-wearing exterior combines with a perfectly balanced grip, and will work anywhere a guy can go, from underwater to deep space! Even if he’s more likely to be found sitting at the desk this pen is sure to never leave his grip.

10. Portable Power Bank

“In today’s wired world, keeping a back-up store of power is essential. Brands such as Anker and Belkin provide portable and durable power packs so the man in your life will never lose charge,” says Glenn Brantley, journalist at Academized and UK Writings, Most of these packs provide enough power to recharge a phone multiple times over, so they’re great for multi-day backpacking trips, or can just live in the glove box for those phone-dying emergencies.

11.  The Mandle (The Man – Candle)

Enjoying the soothing scent of a burning candle may not be something every guy is used to, but you can help him develop some sense and sensibility with these scented candles geared at the guys. Unusual fragrances include NY pizza, sawdust and fresh-cut grass. Choose wisely and you might find him soaking in the bath, evoking those fulfilling days of DIY.

12. The Dovo Silver Straight Razor

Give your man the gift of the smoothest shave of his life. If he’s used to a quick trim on the clippers, the feeling of a shave with a straight razor will blow his mind and introduce him to an ultimate act of self-care. Every guy loves to feel like the best version of himself, and this professional standard blade will smarten him right up.

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12. Artisanal Hot Sauce

There are few things that go better with a burger than a spicy, tangy hot sauce. If you’re man has adventurous tastes, he’ll love a set of the spiciest sauces to sample. Sauceshop’s “Challenge Set” includes sriracha, buffalo, and the hottest habanero. Use with caution!

13. Upgrade The Toiletries Bag

Out with the old plastic bag and in with a new, classy toiletries bag. These neat little leather bags will let him organise his toiletries so he never forgets anything when he travels. A great gift for the frequent flyer.

14. Bulleit Bourbon

Adding a smooth drinking bourbon to his drinks’ cabinet is sure to go down well. Bulleit bourbon is distinctively smooth, and I find it’s bold character makes it the perfect drink for when you’re settling down by the fire after dinner.  A little fine-quality bourbon goes a long way.

15. Cards Against Humanity

A Party game for bad people! This fun and outrageous game pits wit and creativity against shock value. Cards Against Humanity provides endless hours of entertainment – just maybe don’t play it with the in-laws.

Phew! Whoever said gift shopping had to be hard? Save your time and energy by selecting the perfect gift for the guy’s in your life from this list. Whether he’s the rugged outdoorsman or the smooth urban gent, you’re sure to find something that’ll put a smile on his face. Take the stress out of the holiday season and remember, it’s not the price tag, but the thought that counts.

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