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Padmavati Rao

Padmavati Rao is a veteran film actress who is also a writer, theatre personality, poet, dancer, and translator. She is mainly known for her work in Hindi and Kannada industry. Moreover, she has been a part of theatre activities throughout her career.



Padmavati Rao was born in the year 1963 (age 57 years; as of 2020) in Delhi. She is also known by the name of Akshatha Rao [1]Banglore Mirror and Pinty Rao. [2]Twitter

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 5″

Eye Colour: Light Brown

Hair Colour: Salt & Pepper

Padmavati Rao

Family & Caste

There is not much information available about her family. She has one sister, Arundathi Nag, who is an Indian film and theatre actress.

Padmavati Rao with her sister Arundathi Nag

Padmavati Rao with her sister Arundathi Nag



She made her acting debut with a Kannada Film Geetha (1981) in which she played the role of “Geetha.”

Padmavati Rao's Kannada debut movie Geetha

Padmavati Rao’s Kannada debut movie Geetha

She made her debut in Bollywood with a Hindi film Pardes (1997) in which she played the role of “Narmada” and was cast along Shah Rukh Khan and Mahima Chaudhary.

Padmavati's Hindi debut film Pardes

Padmavati’s Hindi debut film Pardes

She also debuted the Marathi film industry with the Marathi Film Ek Sangaychay (2018).

Padmavati Rao's Marathi debut film Ek Sangaychay-compressed

Padmavati Rao’s Marathi debut film Ek Sangaychay-compressed

She has worked in Malayalam and English plays also.

After debuting in various movies Padmavati worked in many popular films such as “TE3N,” (2016) in which she played the role of ‘Nancy,’ Sanjay Leela Bhansali‘s “Padmaavat” (2018) in which she played the role of ‘Kunwar Baisa,’ Tanaji (2020) in which she played the role of Rajmata Jijao, and Rat Akeli Hai (2020). These movies made her more popular.

Padmavati Rao opposite Amitabh Bachchan in the movie TE3N

Padmavati Rao opposite Amitabh Bachchan in The movie TE3N


  • Padmavati Rao has translated Girish Karnad‘s five plays and Mahesh Dattani’s 30 Days In September into the Hindi language.
  • Padmavati Rao gained immense applause for her solo performance based on Dhiruben Patel’s work “Kitchen Poems.” She has acquired huge fame through her acting and she defines it as her major career achievement. Padmavati Rao in Kitchen Poems
  • While the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world at crises, Padmavati Rao took an initiative towards the farming community. She laid her attention on the villages outside Bengaluru where she propagated the natural farming methods and arts & crafts as it was her ardent desire to serve the farming community since long. She laid her contribution to farmers by constructing a non-electric and a cost-efficient refrigerator on her own by using affordable construction material. In an interview, she quoted,

    For a long time, I wanted to serve the farming community. To that, I created a cost-effective refrigerator that does not run on electricity.”

  • According to her, she is majorly concerned about the issue of farmers suicide in India. This motivated her to invent the cost-effective refrigerator that would help farmers to keep their vegetables fresh if they are unable to sell them. This idea struck her when her compound wall deteriorated and she assembled the bricks to construct a non-electric fridge. Despite cement and sand, she used gunny sack material, an old flattened cardboard carton to work as a sliding door, an old wire rack, and a river-weed mat (chaapey). To examine the results she kept oranges, tomatoes, and milk in the refrigerator. The Oranges lasted up to 28 days, tomatoes for 15 days, and milk, after boiling it once daily, lasted for a week. She also tested the refrigerator in the peak of summer. When she watered the gunny sack material thrice a day, the oranges and tomatoes showed no signs of dehydration or rotting. Cooked food kept after dinner was fine for lunch the next day, and vegetables last for about two to three days. Her invention is worth appreciation. Moreover, she longed to do farming since she was 23.
    Padmavati's non electric refrigerator

    Padmavati’s non-electric refrigerator

  • Along with farming, Padmavati has various interests as she likes to stitch, mend, upcycle, and write. During the pandemic, she devoted her time in writing also. She worked on three books simultaneously – the first was on her mother’s recipes, the second was a book of poems titled “Of Love and Silence,” and the third was a play.

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