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to add meta tags in the blogger. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tag maker for the blog tool to meta tags copy and paste title, description, custom meta tags SEO tags.

Have you a blogger blog? And finding SEO meta tags from online. Follow these meta tags for blog, Generate below those tags.➥Title Meta ➥Meta Description ➥Tag Keywords ➥Meta tag Copyright ➥HTML tag ➥The author HTML tag ➥Fill in the fields in your text box ➥Click the button than Create Meta Tags.

This Meta Tag Generator Tool Blogger you a Search Engine Optimization SEO friendly meta tags for your blogger blog. Your need on google index search engine overall content of your blog.  Create html tags with a meta tag generator tool to grow your online digital marketing of google search results. Blogger meta description with the page title, most relevant parts SEO can help you to boost your blog data. To check the this tool quickly put your blogger template. You can also copy and paste SEO meta tags into your Blogspot blog.  Create best html tags use to simple free meta tag generator for best search engine robots overall content of your blog. Make sure you generate meta description, page title your blogger template, and fix Metadata to advance your blog rank higher in search results.

Selecting the most relevant keywords for your best blog description. you can use the google keyword research tool to pick valuable keywords.

Meta Description:

Meta description tags host to Search engine robots show on search results in your blog summary data. Meta descriptions are important ranking factors in search engines and increase the organic search traffic to your blog. They’re limited to 150 characters, to Google’s search algorithms friendly. Moz says 155–160 characters to max 150 letters is proper for SEO friendly meta description.

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My Blogger blog provides you with Blogger Tips, SEO, Blogger Tricks, Widgets, HTML Tricks, and Blogger templates.

You can follow my description apply your blog, make sure choose to your niche relevant words. Google’s search engine detects Html meta tags and shows meta descriptions using each relevant search.

Avoid duplicate meta descriptions tags, keep individuals descriptions for each blog/posts which is similar to the description all page that affects your blog SEO. This is confusing search results with short ads from users that can confuse a page.

Note: – I have included the meta description inside the dynamic HTML tag to avoid duplicate content doubts.  Wrong? Let me tell. If the meta description appears for all pages on your blog, search engine robots will find that all of your pages have the besides description. As the robot deals with each page as a separate website, your blog may be penalized SEO for using the same meta description over again. To avoid this I added the best of code before and after the meta description so that it could only appear on the homepage of the robots. Below are the set codes attached to the tool by wrong,

<b:if cond=’data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl’>
<META NAME=”Description” CONTENT=”Your Blog description”> </b:if>

Search ctrl +F keys for the above code in the template and place the codes Copy and paste to put and save below just after theme .

Meta Keywords:

The Meta keywords tag is one of the forces of keywords that you can include in your Google blogger blog to boost search engines.  If you need Keyword Ideas, you can go Google keyword tool used to find your good keywords to list a Seed Keyword and put on a simple meta tag generator to making meta tags for your blog.Choose a few words for your blog. Use long-tail keywords that drive more traffic to your blog. You don’t do keyword stuffing on your meta keywords for SEO. Choose a few but short keywords that will help search engines understand what your blog is about. Make sure you don’t over-optimize keywords that competitors are using.

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View my Meta Keywords as an example below
 Blogger Tips, Blogspot tricks, SEO, tools, blogger widgets, CSS Html tips

Meta Author

The meta author is used to describe the name of the founder author of the web page. This is not the essential best tag, like  Author Name important of more good looking to search engine understand and who the blog author. must enter your blog short full name don not use special symbols and long names.

Meta Robot:

The meta robot tag is inside the upper web page HTML key, that is crawled by search engines should crawl your web pages content with the site Structured Data. A robot meta tag that tells the search engine crawler index either not index a post body data. You know don’t crawl the data of the blog using the No follow tag or No index tag.

Advantages Of Blogger Meta Tag 

◼️ Ask Google to crawl and index your blog properly.
◼️ SEO Title Meta tag codes make SEO friendly titles.
◼️ Accurately describes meta tag codes that represent what your blog/post describes.
◼️ The meta tag code is the perfect robot to tag webmasters in your blog’s content index.


My own this tool will give you metadata of BlogSpot SEO, though my suggestion, use a new generation SEO advanced template for your blogger blog. Please don’t forget to share and comment on this post.

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