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Divyansh Singh Panwar

Divyansh Singh Panwar is an Indian 10-metre air rifle shooter. He was ranked World No. 2 in air rifle shooting by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) in 2021. [1]ISSF Sports



Divyansh Singh Panwar was born on Saturday, 19 October 2002 (age 18 years; as of 2020) in Rajasthan. His zodiac sign is Libra. He did his schooling at Maheshwari Public School, Jaipur, Rajasthan. [2]The Times of India

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 11″

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Black

Divyansh Singh Panwar


His father, Ashok Panwar, is a surgeon at Sawai Man Singh Hospital in Jaipur, Rajasthanhttps://onlinecricketing.co.in/

. His mother, Nirmala Devi, is a qualified nurse at home, and she runs a medical store at home. Divyansh has an elder sister, Anjali.


At the age of 12, he started his training in shooting at the Jangpura shooting range in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Initially, he started pistol shooting, but later, he shifted to rifle shooting as he found it more interesting. His father was worried by his addiction to the virtual game PUBG in 2017, so he enrolled Divyansh along with Anjali (Divyansh’s elder sister) at the Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range in New Delhi where he started his training in shooting under the Indian shooter Deepak Kumar Dubey. In 2019, he made his senior shooting debut at the ISSF World Cup in Delhi. Divyansh was promoted to the core group of the Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS) from the developmental group in 2019 based on his extraordinary performance in various shooting competitions. [3]Scroll.in

Divyansh Singh Panwar at the ISSF World Cup 2019

Divyansh Singh Panwar at the ISSF World Cup 2019

He has participated in shooting events like AR60, ARMIX, and ARTEAMM. His personal coach is Deepak Kumar Dubey, and his national coach is Kuldeep Sharma.

Divyansh Singh Panwar with his personal coach Deepak Kumar Dubey

Divyansh Singh Panwar with his personal coach Deepak Kumar Dubey

Favourite Things

  • Virtual Game: PubG
  • Food: Homemade Dahi Chutney and Roti
  • Subject: Biology
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  • During an interview, while talking about Divyansh, his father said,

When he was kid, I would draw targets on the walls of our house and they would shoot with a plastic gun. The same year, Divyansh won the state medal and his interest grew in the sport. We then got him a new rifle and a pair of shoes before he went to Delhi to train under Deepak sir. We used to scold him for playing online games and ironically, we saw his final in Beijing online. Like most teenagers, he wasted time playing PUBG rather than focussing on his training or studies and I would often scold him. But I tell you, after winning the medal today, he would have played a round of PUBG.”

  • Divyansh always carries a pocket-sized book of ‘The Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.’ In an interview, talking about Divyansh, his coach said,

He now knows how to control himself and sees shooting as a video game, which he plays games once a week. We have taught him breathing control techniques and he carries a small pocketbook of the Geeta. His dream is to win an Olympic gold.”

  • In an interview, while talking about his interest in studies, Divyansh said,

Study was never the priority for me. I would do just about to pass my exams. Bahut time se dhyan hata hua hai (I have not thought of studies for a bit now). Last year, I just about passed my final exams. But now I am in 12th so I have to be a bit more serious. But to be honest I am not interested in studies at all. But I do just about enough to pass the examinations.”

  • His idol is the famous Indian shooter Abhinav Bindra.
    Divyansh Singh Panwar with Abhinav Bindra

    Divyansh Singh Panwar with Abhinav Bindra

  • While he was performing at the qualifying match at the GV Mavlankar tournament in 2014, his father promised to show him films that would be equal to his score above 390. Divyansh shot a 390 score but to watch the films he made two extra holes on the target with the help of a screwdriver.
  • In 2017, on debuting in the senior level shooting competition, he said,

Mentally strong ban na hain [I have to become mentally strong]. I need to concentrate on technique, the moment I forget my technique I stop hitting the inner 10s. Will have to improve a lot mentally [because] basics I already know, but I need to work on my mental game, I haven’t worked on that aspect so far.”

  • In an interview, while talking about him, his junior coach Deepali Deshpande said,

Divyansh is “anti-social” and hates interactions. He keeps to himself, hardly talks and he is not social. He is a typical back-bencher who doesn’t say much in classes. But he is a very confident boy.” [4]The Tribune India

  • Amid the coronavirus pandemic, he practised shooting at the flat of his coach Deepak Dubey in Faridabad, Haryana. In an interview, Dubey said,

I realised that we could get a 10-metre distance if I empty stuff from two of my rooms and a lobby in between to get a clear shot at the target. I pasted all the yellow cards, lighting is also good, I checked with the l lighting is also good, I checked with the lux meter. So no problem for training.”

  • As per Deepak Kumar Dubey (Divyansh’s coach), Divyansh’s stance while shooting is different from others which could cause him serious injuries. During an interview, while talking about the same, Deepak said,

Everyone has told me about the posture. Har chalta phirta aadmi bol deta hai. But until I get to a stage where I have no option but to change it, I will not. I tried tweaking it some time ago at a national camp in 2018. But I wasn’t comfortable in that position. When he was younger, he was very thin. Now at least he has some muscle. What happens is when these kids are younger they either don’t have muscles or lack muscle strength. Then they have to take the support of their bone structure. His posture developed from there.

He further added,

Initially, we tried correcting his posture. But later on, we figured it suits him so well, why change it. We just made sure that he’s protected against any injuries. Now he has built his fitness around that position.”

  • Divyansh Singh Panwar daily practises Yoga and meditation to improve his focus in the game.
  • Panwar is an avid animal lover and owns a pet dog named Klaus.
    Divyansh Singh Panwar with his pet dog

    Divyansh Singh Panwar with his pet dog


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