Bingo Calls That you Will Easily Remember

Bingo has evolved a lot in recent years. The game has transformed into an international phenomenon from being more of a recreational activity played at your home with your friends and family. Now the best place to get hold of a bingo game is at the online casinos like

Despite the rapid evolution, there still is an aspect of bingo that hasn’t changed a bit. Yes, we are talking about the famous and sometimes controversial bingo calls. These calls or nicknames are still being used even in online bingo rooms, preserving the sanity of traditional bingo.

As you know, each number from 1 to 9 has an associated nickname or phrase attached to it. For instance, 1 is Kelly’s Eye while 9 is Doctor’s Order. So, the question is, can you remember all of the 90 bingo calls? Well, the answer is yes, you can but is it worth it spending a whole lot of time on remembering the bingo calls? We don’t think so. The solution? Well, you can try remembering the most popular and easiest bingo calls.

Easy to Remember Bingo Calls

  • 1 – Kyle’s Eye: One of the easiest to remember bingo calls is Kyle’s Eye, referring to Ned Kelly’s helmet having an eye slot that resembled number 1.
  • 2 – One Little Duck: Due to the reassembling shape, 2 is referred to as One little Duck, and likewise 22 is referred to as Two Little Ducks, and it is pretty easy to remember.
  • 6 – Half a Dozen: 6 is often referred to like half a dozen and reason? Well, it is half a dozen, so it’s accessible to the mind.
  • 7 – Lucky: 7 is the luckiest of all numbers, and in bingo to it is referred to as Luck 7 and is very easy to mind and recall.
  • 10 – Boris’s Den: The rhyme referring to 10 Downing Street, the home of the UK’s prime minister.
  • 14 – Valentines Day: Referring to 14th February, the day of love and Valentine.
  • 19 – Goodbye Teens: Referring to the 19, the last year of teenage and indeed is the easiest one to remember.
  • 22 – Two Little Ducks: As said, 2 is called one little Duck, and 22 is referred to as two little ducks due to the resemblance in shape.
  • 45 – Half Way There: A nickname referring to the halfway mark towards 90.
  • 50 – Half a Century: 50 is halfway through the century, and that’s what it refers to in bingo.
  • 69 – Either Way Up: Well, this is the one you’ll never forget.
  • 70 – 3 Scores and 10: 3 scores mean 60 plus 10 become 70, and that’s what the nickname is all about. A bit tricky to mind, but once you, you won’t be forgetting it for a long time.
  • 72 – 6 Dozen: If you multiply a dozen or 12 by 6, the answer will be 72, so the nickname 6 Dozen is used for 72.
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90 – Top of the Shop: Referring to the top (highest) position of 90 in a bingo game.

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