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Babak Khorramdin

Babak Khorramdin was an Iranian filmmaker who was murdered by his parents on 16 May 2021, and as per media sources, it was a case of Honor Killing.



Babak Khorramdin was born in 1974 (age 47 years; at the time of death) in Iran. He did a master’s degree in film at the University of Fine Art, Tehran University, Iran. In 2000, he completed a one-year filmmaking course at the Iranian Youth Cinema Society, Tehran. [1]Iran Wire[2]Babak Khorramdin

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 9″

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Salt & Pepper

Babak Khorramdin

Family & Caste

His father’s name is Akbar Khorramdin, and his mother acted in one of his short film. He had one sister who was killed by his parents. [3]The News Week Babak Khorramdin was not married.

Babak Khorramdin's parents

Babak Khorramdin’s parents


In 1999, he worked for the cinematic cultural centre “SHAFAGH.” He taught students of acting and filmmaking, and some of the topics which he taught were analysis of Krzysztof Kieslowski in the group of cultural and artistic “ZAMIR” in Iranian youth cinema society, course of film director, and taught at the University of Scientific – Applied cultural and Art – Cinema, since 2014. He wrote the screenplay of various short films like ‘Gate 13,’ ‘Beautiful Mouth and Green Eyes,’ and ‘Contrast.’

Babak Khorramdin with his mother in a film

Babak Khorramdin with his mother in a film

Babak worked as a writer and director in various Iranian short films like ‘The Cut’ (2003), ‘The Sun’ (2010), ‘Beam of Light’ (2010), and ‘To Be’ (2018). He had a membership in the Iranian’s Khaneh Cinema as a director.

Awards & Honours

  • Best Director for the short film “The Sun” (2010) for the fifth international festival of Parvin e Etesami
  • Best Fiction Film for “The Sun” (2010) in the international festival film ASA (Human friendly)
  • Best Director, Best Screenplay, and the Best Sound for the short film “The Sun” in sixth Student Film NAHAl Festival – (University of Art, Tehran – IRAN)
  • Participated in the Tehran Short Film Festival, Cinema Veterans Short Film Festival, Tassvirsal Short Film festival, Yas Film festival
  • Participated in the 7th International Shahr film festival and nominated in the best film and best film script 2019


On 16 May 2021, his parents stabbed him to death after anesthetizing him. Reportedly, Babak had an argument with his parents as he was not getting married which made his parents angry, and after a heated argument, his parents brutally killed him. Later, his parents confessed their crime in the local court, his father said,

Because of the disputes we had, I sedated him this morning (Sunday) by giving him anaesthetics, then stabbed him to death. Then I dismembered his body and threw it in the nearest trash can on the street with my wife.”

On his demise, his colleagues, friends, and ex-students shared heartfelt posts on their Instagram account. One of his friends, posted,

Babak was a filmmaker, and a few years ago I often met him in London’s cultural and artistic circles. I heard that he missed his family and had returned to Iran, and now I saw this horrible news, and I cannot believe it. What a dreadful time.” [4]The News Week

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