Anita Moorjani- Dying to Be Me

Anita Moorjani is one of very few people who literally came back from the dead, and whose miraculous recovery from cancer remains a mystery to this day. Anita will turn 64 this year, and looking back at her life now, she says the bare fact of her being alive is a miracle. Her bestseller “Dying to Be Me” and the film based on the book are still drawing many people´s attention, as she has conducted many interviews and is nearly a celebrity now due to her amazing experience.

Life Before Illness

As an Indian who was born in Singapore and raised in Hong Kong, Anita was brought up in a multinational environment which determined her point of view to be different from typical Indian people. Although her family was traditional Anita refused to take part in arranged marriage practice and chose a husband for herself. She was working in a corporate world for many years before she was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2002. As she narrates in her book, some of Anita´s closest friends and relatives had died from cancer a few years before she got ill, which resulted in her feeling more stressed and worried that someday she might suffer the same fate. Only after her recovery did Anita realise that her own fears and negative thoughts had had a major impact on her health and nearly cost her life.

Near Death Experience

After a very serious illness process of four years, in 2006 Anita entered a coma. In this coma situation she experienced a near death experience that completely changed the outcome of her illness. When she went into a coma, the doctors who attended her understood that those were the last moments of her life. Unexpectedly, after several hours in a coma and with very severe bodily deterioration, Anita regained consciousness and fully recovered from the lymphatic cancer that had caused all of her organs to stop working. As Anita Moorjani explains, what she experienced when crossing the limit of the life we know, profoundly changed her conception of life and death. During the time that she was “dead” Anita reports that she experienced peace, joy and great clarity regarding her mission in this life. She was also able to contact her father who died ten years ago. And as if this were not enough, she also achieved full understanding of the real reason for her illness.

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The Importance of Self Love

Perhaps the most important thing Anita Moorjani learned from her experience was the importance of self-love. In that other realm she understood that she had lived her whole trying to please others. At no time in her life, before the NDE, did Anita know how to take care of herself or love herself as she deserved. Until she experienced the NDE, she did not understand that her main task in this life was to be herself and always put herself first. The impact of what she experienced was such that she is currently dedicated to spreading her message to help all those people who could be in the same situation. She has understood that if her way of life had been different, she probably would not have gotten sick. The core of what she tries to convey is the importance of taking care of our personal universe before launching out to help others.

Indulge Yourself

Due to her experience, Anita realized that miracles are possible and that self-love is the key to our health and wellbeing. It is essential to find the time to please ourselves and do things that make us happy. For example, if one day we just need to relax and do nothing, we should go for it without feeling guilty, or maybe we want to entertain ourselves with websites such as online blackjack India where you can find a list of the best sites for playing real money blackjack online, as chosen by our experts, and basics such as rules and how to play. You can also try out free blackjack game online and pick up great blackjack bonuses.

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In conclusion, Anita´s story has inspired many people never to give up because miracles are possible if we believe in them hard enough. 

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