What problems can outsourcing solve?

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How does outsourcing help make your project more successful? When should you outsource? Advantages of cooperation with SECLgroup.

Benefits of outsourcing

Software development is highly complex because it must go through many stages – planning, coding, testing, and releasing the product to the world. If you have hired a team of professionals, but for some reason, they do not have time to complete the total amount of work on time, body leasing comes to the rescue. This type of outsourcing is prevalent because it allows you to solve many problems.

What is outsourcing?

When you develop software, you must be prepared because you have to hire a large team of professionals. So, it would be best if you collaborated with business analysts, project managers, developers, testers, and other specialists. Maintaining such a large staff is very unprofitable, especially if you are working on one project and the budget is limited. It is where outsourcing comes to the rescue. This type of cooperation allows you to attract outside specialists when you need their services and solve specific problems.

Types of outsourcing

Today there are 2 types of outsourcing:

  • Body leasing;
  • Team leasing.

Body leasing assumes you will hire one or more specialists to solve specific problems. Usually, this method is used in cases where your employees need more time to complete the required amount of work on time, or they need more competence. Sometimes, when a key employee goes on sick leave or vacation, hiring another person to replace him is not profitable, but you can cooperate with outsourcing specialists.


Quite often, body leasing is ordered in cases where there is a race of potential. For example, you know that competitors are developing a similar project, and in this case, the company will receive excess profit and enter the market earlier. To speed up the development process, you can turn to outsource specialists.

Sometimes in companies, programmers who write code are forced to play the role of a tester. It leads to the fact that they spend much more time on development. To speed up this process, you need to understand outsourcing testers. It will allow you to release the project faster and save money.

Team leasing assumes that you outsource the entire development team. Practice shows that outsourcing costs about 30% less than hiring developers on staff. It is because software development has specific life cycles. You have to pay salaries even when the specialist is not working.

The choice of outsourcing type depends on the goals and objectives you have to solve. If you already have a development team but they need outside help, then body leasing is for you. But, if you have a young project and the budget is limited, then it is more profitable to use team leasing.

Benefits of outsourcing

Outsourcing has several significant advantages:

  • Reduces the cost of maintaining staff;
  • High quality of the finished product;
  • Gives access to the necessary knowledge and skills;
  • Simpler legal components;
  • Higher financial efficiency;
  • Higher development speed.

Today, various companies (both startups and large corporations) have managed to appreciate the benefits of outsourcing. It allows you to make the creation and maintenance of software faster and more cost-effective without losing quality. In addition, finding specialists in the state takes much less time than hiring outsourcing employees.

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What problems can outsourcing solve?

Summarizing all of the above, we can confidently say that outsourcing allows many problems. We want to talk about only the most important of them.

Hiring outsourcing employees is much cheaper than keeping employees in the state. Firstly, you can only involve specialists in those software development stages when needed. Secondly, you do not need to rent an office, buy equipment or software, pay sick leave or pay bonuses – you only pay for the services you receive.

If you already have a development team, outsourcing will give you access to the necessary knowledge and skills that your employees lack. If you are working on various projects, you may encounter a problem when your specialists need to be more competent in some matters or need more experience to solve new problems. In this case, you can turn to more experienced outsourcing specialists.

Sometimes developers or testers spend a lot of time doing simple and often repetitive tasks that can be left in the hands of interns or less qualified specialists. You can hire outsourcing freelancers, allowing key professionals to focus on more important matters.

Practice also shows that outsourcing helps to maintain a good atmosphere in the team. When a specialist performs the same tedious job every day, this can cause rapid professional burnout or conflicts within the group. Outsourcing allows you to reduce the burden on specialists and allow them to work with pleasure.

Advantages of cooperation with SECLgroup

If you need outsourcing developers, you should contact SECLgroup. This company has been operating since 2005 and, during this time, has managed to open offices in Ukraine, Canada, and the USA. It has completed over 300 projects from clients in various industries – e-commerce, internet services, philanthropy, healthcare, and many others. It gives employees an accurate understanding of how companies work in different sectors, allowing them to develop more relevant and innovative ideas.


Among the main advantages of cooperation with this company are:

  • Extensive work experience;
  • A large staff of qualified employees;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Orientation to the client;
  • Low cost of services.

By cooperating with SECLgroup outsourcing employees, you can be sure that your order will be completed with high quality and within the agreed time frame. The company values ​​its reputation, so it never misses a deadline and does not exceed a predetermined budget.

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