What Is the Best Beer Patio Umbrella to Buy for Your Pub?

If your bar or restaurant has a summer terrace, try to ennoble it with a beer patio umbrella.This will make the place even more comfortable for the clients, and also helps to draw their attention to the types of beer that are served in the establishment.

What Should I Look For in a Patio Umbrella for My Pub?

We have compiled 5 key points that will help you navigate when buying a beer patio umbrella:

  1. Frame

This part of the structure must withstand a large load. In particular, be resistant to strong gusts of wind. That is why the material used to produce the frame must be strong and flexible. In addition, the frame must not be too heavy or light, otherwise the product will be inconvenient to use. Also, when choosing a frame, consider the climate: if you live in a region with high humidity and frequent rainfall, it is better to choose a frame made of aluminum.

2. Design

For maximal comfort of the customers, make sure that the canopy gives a good shadow. If there are round tables on the terrace, they are well combined with umbrellas of octagonal and round shapes. For square tables, it is best to purchase square and rectangular models.

3. Canvas

It must also be strong enough to withstand strong gusts of wind. We recommend choosing a UV-coated fabric that makes it resistant to burnout. Such umbrellas will serve you for several years, keeping a bright and stylish appearance.

4. Size

Select the appropriate size following the parameters of the tables. The «correct» umbrella should be 5 feet larger in diameter than the area for which it is intended.

5. Branding 

Remember when we told you that the canvas should not fade in the sun? This is important because you can put an image or logo on it with the name of your brand or the popular beer served in the pub.

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