The Essential Apps for Aspiring Travel Bloggers

Travel blogging has long become a full-time job, shooting to fame countless influencers across the globe. Content creators roam the world to inspire fellow travellers, snapping mesmerizing pictures and endearing videos along the way. So, do you dream of becoming the next Jon Miksis? While travel blogging can easily be a side hobby, making it to the top is no simple task. But if you’re committed to bringing your a-game, some tools will come in handy to help you drop amazing content. Let’s discover the essential apps you’ll need as a travel blogger.

Social media apps

Publishing top-tier articles isn’t enough to attract readers in droves. For your travel blog to hit the mark, you need to implement a successful social media marketing strategy and make your readers an integral part of your journey. 

So, get your Instagram feed going with mesmerising pics. On platforms like Facebook, you may advertise your newly released blogs. Don’t post on every social network in the book, though. To generate engaging content, you must first understand your audience through audits, social listening, and competitive intelligence methods.

Last but not least social media apps can provide great insight throughout your journey. Not only will you receive direct feedback from your followers, but you will draw inspiration from fellow bloggers. Conversational apps like Twitter are perfect to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. And visual networks like Pinterest can drive your imagination, giving you extra ideas to make your blog stand out. 

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Apps for getting around

Once in a foreign place, it might be hard to navigate unknown locations. Best come equipped then, and download some helpful apps before making the trip. Of course, digital maps like Google Maps and are nothing short of indispensable. 

Moovit is another lifesaver when you’ve just disembarked from the plane. This journey planner app uses GPS navigation to guide you around public transit networks. From buses to metro lines and even car-sharing options, the app helps you find the shortest route to your destination across all transport. And if you’re not in the mood for riding the bus, the Uber app may be a saving grace.

Booking apps

Travel blogging is often a matter of tight preparation. Before you move on to your next destination, some apps can save you both time and effort. If you’re hunting for a flight, the first travel app to download is Skyscanner. This app helps you compare all flights instantly. For flexible travellers, the “everywhere” feature may even prompt a spontaneous trip. The Hopper app is the perfect counterpart to Skyscanner, as it predicts the best time to buy plane tickets.

As for accommodation, you can rely on countless applications to make your life easier. Big names such as Booking, Airbnb, and Expedia deserve no introduction. But travel bloggers also appreciate apps like HotelTonight, which offers last-minute deals at unbeatable prices.

Apps to let off steam

Travel blogging might be a dream job, but it is a demanding activity. To avoid blogger burnout, you must protect your mental health. Fortunately, countless apps are right there to help you blow off the steam throughout your trip.

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If reading is your go-to hobby to get your mind off things, you no longer have to make your backpack heavier than it needs to be. Several book reading apps are available on iOS and Android devices. Audiobooks are even more relaxing ways to immerse yourself in another universe.

Playing video games is another fun option. Chill games are great for catching a break, while casual games are the ultimate pastimes on a long-haul drive. If you’re into card games, gaming apps are even more convenient when you feel like hitting the poker table but can’t because of local restrictions. In the MENA area, for instance, travellers may visit platforms like online casinos in the UAE. Top websites include every gambler’s favourite, from table games to machine slots. Experts have laid the groundwork with up-to-date reviews of the most reliable and profitable casinos. Plus, players can access invaluable tips ensuring them a safe experience.

Putting your feet in the door is the best way to figure out whether travel blogging is right for you. So, be sure to download top travel apps to help you along your journey.

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