Delicious food that Start with N

Nourishing our bodies with a diverse range of flavours and nutrients is essential for overall health and well-being. When exploring the culinary world, it’s exciting to discover unique ingredients and dishes that bring new tastes to the table. One such fascinating category of foods begins with the letter ‘N.’ From exotic fruits and vegetables to mouthwatering desserts and savoury dishes, ‘N’ foods boast a wide variety of culinary delights that will pique the interest of food enthusiasts and home cooks alike. In this article, we will embark on a delicious journey, unravelling the secrets of these scrumptious foods, and learning about their origins, health benefits, and culinary uses.

Are you curious about delicious fruits that start with the letter N?

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If you’re eager to explore new and intriguing fruits to diversify your diet, consider focusing on those that begin with the letter ‘N.’ Are you excited to discover the delightful fruits that start with ‘N’? Prepare to indulge your senses as we delve into some of the most appetizing and enticing ‘N’ fruits available.

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Nectarines are similar to peaches but have a smooth skin. They are juicy, sweet, and slightly tart, making them perfect for eating fresh or using in desserts, salads, and baked goods.

Nashi pears 

Also known as Asian pears, Nashi pears have a unique, crisp texture and a sweet, mildly tart flavour. They are often eaten fresh or used in salads, slaws, and fruit platters.


Nance is a small, yellow fruit native to Central and South America. It has a sweet, slightly tart taste and can be eaten fresh or used to make beverages, jams, and desserts.


Naranjilla, also known as lulo, is a South American fruit with a citrusy, tangy flavor. It is commonly used in beverages, desserts, and sauces.


Noni, or Morinda citrifolia, is a tropical fruit with a strong smell and taste. Despite its pungent flavor, it is consumed for its potential health benefits and is often used in juices, supplements, and traditional medicine.

Foods that start with N: Vegetables

There are a variety of vegetables that start with the letter ‘N,’ each offering unique flavours, textures, and nutritional benefits. Some of these vegetables include:

Napa cabbage

Also known as Chinese cabbage, napa cabbage has a mild flavor and tender, crispy leaves. It is often used in Asian cuisine, particularly in stir-fries, salads, and kimchi.


Nettles are a type of wild, leafy green that must be cooked to neutralise their stinging properties. They have a slightly earthy, spinach-like taste and can be used in soups, stews, and other dishes.

New potatoes

These are young, small potatoes that are harvested before they reach full maturity. They have a thin skin and a tender, slightly sweet flesh. New potatoes can be boiled, steamed, roasted, or grilled and are popular in salads and side dishes.


Nopales are the edible pads of the prickly pear cactus. They have a slightly tart, green bean-like flavor and a unique, mucilaginous texture. Nopales are often used in Mexican cuisine, in dishes like salads, stews, and scrambled eggs.

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Nori is a type of edible seaweed commonly used in Japanese cuisine. It is most famously used as a wrap for sushi, but it can also be eaten as a snack, crumbled into dishes, or used as a seasoning.


Also known as turnips, navets are a root vegetable with a slightly sweet, earthy taste. They can be eaten raw in salads, or cooked and used in soups, stews, and side dishes.

Sweet foods that Start with the Letter N

Variety of sweet foods that start with the letter ‘N,’ ranging from fruits and confections to baked goods and desserts. Some of these sweet treats include:


A chewy confection made from sugar or honey, roasted nuts, and sometimes candied fruit. Nougat is a popular ingredient in candy bars and is often enjoyed on its own.


A sweet, creamy spread made from hazelnuts, cocoa, sugar, and milk. Nutella can be enjoyed on toast, in baked goods, or as a topping for desserts.

Neapolitan ice cream

A type of ice cream featuring three flavours (usually chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry) arranged side by side. Neapolitan ice cream can be enjoyed in a cone, a cup, or as a base for sundaes and other frozen treats.


A dessert consisting of layers of puff pastry filled with pastry cream, whipped cream, or fruit. The top layer is often dusted with powdered sugar or drizzled with a sweet glaze.

New York cheesecake 

A rich and creamy cheesecake made with cream cheese, sugar, eggs, and a graham cracker crust. It is often served plain or topped with fruit, chocolate, or other sweet sauces.

Nut brittle 

A hard, crunchy candy made from sugar, corn syrup, and nuts (such as peanuts or almonds). Nut brittle is often enjoyed as a sweet snack or used as a topping for desserts.


A type of Indian shortbread cookie made from flour, sugar, ghee, and aromatic spices like cardamom. Nankhatai is often enjoyed with tea or as a sweet treat on special occasions.

The list of Savory food that starts with N

Savory foods that start with the letter ‘N,’ including dishes, ingredients, and snacks from various cuisines around the world. Some of these savory delights include:

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A popular Mexican-inspired dish consisting of tortilla chips topped with cheese, jalapeños, salsa, sour cream, and other ingredients like beans, guacamole, or meat.


A soft, leavened flatbread that originated in India and is typically served with curries, stews, and other saucy dishes.

Nasi goreng 

An Indonesian fried rice dish made with rice, vegetables, and a mix of sweet soy sauce, garlic, shallots, and chilies. It can also include meat, shrimp, or eggs.


A spicy, spreadable sausage from Italy, made with ground pork and various seasonings, including fiery Calabrian chilli peppers.

Niçoise salad 

A French salad that typically includes lettuce, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, olives, anchovies, and tuna, all dressed with a vinaigrette.


Staple ingredients in many Asian cuisines, noodles come in various shapes and sizes and can be made from wheat, rice, or other grains. They are often used in dishes like ramen, pho, and pad Thai.

Norwegian salmon

A cold-water fish that is prized for its firm texture and rich flavor, often enjoyed smoked, grilled, or baked.


A traditional Zambian dish made from maize flour and water, often served as a starchy accompaniment to meats, vegetables, and sauces.

Nut roast 

A vegetarian dish made from a mixture of nuts, grains, vegetables, and seasonings, which is formed into a loaf and baked.

Navratan korma 

An Indian vegetable curry made with a creamy sauce, featuring a blend of nine different ingredients, which may include fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

5 of the Best Beverages Foods Start with N

Here are five notable options:


A classic Italian cocktail made with equal parts gin, Campari, and sweet red vermouth. Typically served over ice and garnished with an orange peel, the Negroni offers a well-balanced blend of bitter, sweet, and herbal flavours.


A brand of coffee machines and capsules that provide a convenient way to enjoy high-quality espresso and other coffee beverages at home. Nespresso offers a wide range of coffee blends and flavours to suit different tastes and preferences.


A sweet, fruit-based beverage made from the juice or pulp of fruits such as peaches, mangoes, or apricots. Nectar can be enjoyed on its own or used as a base for smoothies, cocktails, or other refreshing drinks.

Nut milk 

A dairy-free alternative to cow’s milk, nut milk is made from the blended and strained pulp of nuts such as almonds, cashews, or hazelnuts. Nut milk can be used in a variety of beverages, including coffee, tea, and smoothies, or consumed on its own.

Non-alcoholic beer 

Also known as near beer or alcohol-free beer, non-alcoholic beer is brewed to have a minimal alcohol content (typically less than 0.5% ABV). This beverage offers a similar taste and appearance to traditional beer, allowing those who prefer not to consume alcohol to enjoy a beer-like experience.


Q1: Can you suggest some healthy nut varieties to include in my diet?

Ans: Almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and cashews are all nutrient-dense options, offering protein, healthy fats, and essential minerals.

Q2: How do you properly cook nettles to remove their sting?

Ans: Boil, steam, or sauté nettles for a few minutes to neutralise the stinging compounds, making them safe and enjoyable to eat.

Q3: What are some popular noodle dishes from around the world?

Ans: Ramen from Japan, Pad Thai from Thailand, and Italian pasta dishes like spaghetti and lasagna are all popular noodle-based meals.

Q4: What are the key ingredients for a classic Niçoise salad?

Ans: A Niçoise salad typically includes lettuce, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, olives, anchovies, and tuna, dressed with a vinaigrette.

Q5: How can I use napa cabbage in my cooking?

Ans: Napa cabbage is versatile and can be used in stir-fries, salads, soups, or fermented as kimchi for a flavorful and crunchy addition to your meals.

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