Dream11 Free For APK Download

Dream11 Free For APK Download. Dream11 is already gathering a lot of interest from fans who are eager to make some money by playing fantasy cricket. As a result, we have decided to take a look back at the Dream11 referral code.

This will be beneficial to all new users who want to use this code and start making real money! The best thing about using a Dream11 referral code is that there’s no need for you to buy any products, or even pay anything as a membership fee.

About Dream11 App :

Dream11 is India’s largest fantasy sports platform trusted by 1.5 million+ sports fans across the country to make every game exciting through their daily fantasy sports contests. Fantasy football, soccer, and rugby are recently added games for football and rugby enthusiasts in India and are part of our mission to make every game exciting globally.

Discover new ways to engage with Dream11! Each Dream11 user gets their own referral code to invite friends and family and so that they can earn additional Dream11 Coins based on their friend’s net deposit amount.  This rewards users for sharing the app with friends, increasing the potential of earning more Coins!  

Rewards are deposited into account within 24 hours. Users will get rewards only if the friend being invited installs the app and deposits using referral code. A list of all verified referrals by a user is available on User Profile page under Account section.

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Dream11 has covered advertisements for individual players during this year’s IPL competition. In fact, players featured in their videos and marketing content exceeded our expectations by bringing us closer to them through a personal and relatable touch.

We have discovered that it is very easy to become emotionally involved with a team thanks largely in part to this close interaction with individual players; each of whom we have grown immensely fond of throughout the season!

What is Fantasy Cricket In Dream11 App?

Fantasy cricket is an online game in which you can create and optimize a virtual team of real-life players. As the names suggest, one builds a team of 11 cricketers; each player has been assigned a fixed price so that you can work within your budget to choose the best possible lineup.

Your score is measured according to how well your players do in actual play compared to their seasonal averages. So what makes this change from fantasy football or hockey? The point system!

Fantasy cricket fans love the stats because they are updated daily, so we get up-to-date info on the batting, bowling and fielding performances by individual players. This makes it easier for them to pick better options among their virtual pool too!

Dream11 is a game of skill where you play against real fans as opposed to playing against the market.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when playing on our site:

1. Sign up Free

2. Start a new team

3. Pick six players from any 6 teams that are playing a given match. Your players will earn points based on their performance during that match

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4. Compete with other fans around the world while trying to win the Mega Prize Money Jackpot and various weekly prize money!

New Dream11 App Refer & Earn Offer 2020 :

You will be rewarded with Rs.100 for every friend you have who creates an account on Dream11 by sharing the referral code they got from you. On top of that, if they play in a “paid league” (i.e. where entrance fees need to be paid) then you can use your bonus cash up to 10% of their entry fee!

Let’s say your referred user pays Rs 20,000 as entry fees to play a tournament, then you will get Rs 1000 worth of bonus cash to use in that very same tournament!

The maximum amount of bonus money you can claim for everyone’s entries fees is limited at Rs. 100 per person though which means the most bonus money you could possibly get from this promotion is a total of Rs 1,000.

Dream11 App Referral Code

Now enter your eligible mobile number and valid email address below, followed by the given referral code. This will ensure that upon mobile verification and sign-up, you’ve earned valuable points which can be matched against future purchases !

Dream11 Referral Offer

1. Log in to your Dream 11 account.

2. Click on MY REFERRALS from the menu.

3. Generate a referral code and share it with your friends so they can join under you.

4. When they Verify and Play their First League using the sign-up bonus, you get rewarded with Rs 100.

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How To Play Dream11 Fantasy Cricket Using Dream11 Referral Code Bonus? :

1. You must use Dream11 referral code 2020 when you sign up for a new account to receive 100 bonus Dream11 credits upon your first deposit.

As a team captain, you will be responsible for your teammates. You will have an allocated budget to select total 11 players from a pool of different baseball players. As such, it is also important for you to select your Captain and Vice Captain. Doing so will enable you additional points for the team of your choice!

To score the most points possible, however, you should use your experience and skill as well as player knowledge to submit the strongest lineup possible. Your ability to draft smartly ultimately determines how well your team fares against all other teams participating in this season’s game.

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