Blogger SEO Settings -The Full Basic Tutorials

BlogSpot SEO Settings for Beginners Bloggers

Blogger SEO Settings tips to optimize your Blogspot blog/ posts to do it easily rank and quickly searchable. Are you looking about how to get top your blog post on Google? 

Advanced Blogger Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Settings, The full basic tutorials to optimization search preferences and doing to Rank the blogger website. 

All SEO Set to rank your blog Google:- Example Blogger SEO friendly Template, Set meta tags, primary keyword, meta description, and best post settings.

Of course, this complete guide is for you. Optimizing your blogger search preferences settings needs opportunity SEO using the tactics and best practices. Clear Briefs will help your site get more visitors every month from Google.

Here this a guide to managing Blogger (Blogspot) SEO settings, strategies, and tactics.

So, if you look new guide for how to do SEO SET on blog sites. Blogger is one of the most loyal free content management by Google systems of basic SEO. 

Your blogger is different for WordPress SEO setting and configuration, but SEO works the same at any site.

The Blogspot platform is strict for bloggers. when setting up SEO choices and works great you cover well when starting a blog. Here are some tips for new bloggers. 

Make Sure, watch The Neil Patel Evergreen’s video of Youtube 3 Powerful SEO Tips Follow to Rank on Google.

Learn how to set up and manage your blog site SEO and more constructions. When we optimize SEO, we face on-site and off-site SEO. 

Search engine optimization is essential for beginners’ bloggers. You can set up advanced SEO settings for a blogger blog that helps to make you rank the Google search maps. Manage your blog’s SEO practices. 

Google search box thought to peoples ask for tips. Then I share with tech tips and tricks on how to optimize a Blog. 

So I am sharing SEO techniques they can reach top search rankings. Still, does your blog setting help your traffic naturally rank on search engines? 

How to Blogger SEO setting of rank higher in 2020? So, I am telling you to be sure whenever possible. It is always possible to rank in Google. 

This post explains how to set up SEO for bloggers. Improving your blogger site setting SEO is automatic for getting more traffic to your Blogspot domain from google. 

Finally, a new search engine guide will make it easier for you to crawl, index, and retrieve your site content. Now famous blogger platform SEO guides for beginners to get started.

BlogSpot SEO Settings for Beginners Bloggers 

Advanced Useful BlogSpot SEO Setting Set Up Which Will Help You To Get Better Ranking. Before submitting your Blogger blog to search engines, Blogger must have basic settings. 

Proper Blogspot domain settings will increase your SEO rank. So at the top of your website as a relevant answer to Google search queries. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to make SEO settings on the Blogger blog. 

The modified blog structure of on-page strategies. This can give you more chances to rank in search engines and more search engine intentions. 

SEO experts also do blogs help How to rank blogger on search engine example Neil Patel blog SEO services blogs. There online are some bloggers who talk about custom domains or custom themes that I don’t agree with. 

So, let’s understand this. How to do SEO set on Blogger? Have you ever noticed that your site has a set of settings on your Blogger Dashboard that you want to correct? You have to have a realistic idea.

Essential SEO Settings for New Google BlogSpot Blogs 

You now know the new Blogger interface updates. Some new bloggers are confused about how to fix the new Blogger SEO settings. You may know that Google Blogger Update has its on-page setting That’s works like Yoast SEO Plugin.

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OK, you can install Homepage SEO on Blogger in this tutorial to set up pages under the admin panel. I have this step-by-step guide on how to do SEO easily on Google Blogger blog. 

Blogger admin dashboard When you open a new look, you’ll see Blogger admin panel is lightly and flexible.

In this article, we will show you how to customize SEO in Blogger Admin Area (Dashboard). Simply log in to the admin area of your Blogger site and visit the Settings »Reading page.

Basic Blogspot On Page SEO Settings Options 

Basic Blogspot SEO Settings Options


Blog Home page title is an essential rule of the show to your visitor what purpose your blog. 


The description is an under of blogger URL showing short text that manes what your blog in work. 

Blog language 

Blog writing is an important issue for SEO That selects your writing language. 


Enabling trans literation for your site for visitors can read content easy their language. Example of English to Hindi simple apply to read Full blog? 

Basic Blogspot SEO Settings Options

Google Analytics Property ID

Sign up to set up Google Analytics on your Blogspot site. Because follow your visitor’s activity advantage and solve to improve your blog SEO. 


Hy, Favicon is a small icon of your Blogspot site. That helps your website domain easy to identify on search engines your site publicly and make a URL professional. 

Visible Your Blogspot blog search engine Privacy 

Visible your blog on google search engines easily a few clicks. That’s Allow search engines to find your site search results. 

Publishing Your Blog URL 

The blog address is an important part of when you went to create a blog. Choose a Custom Domain for your Blogger site that looks right and memorable with simple short. Set up the Fallback subdomain to Redirect the new own domain. 

SEO Settings For Blogger

HTTP To HTTPS redirect 

Visitors and SEO like a secure website. Make sure Blog setup HTTPS your blog URL that helps to search engine rank on google. Ensure that visits to HTTP redirect to HTTPS that privacy a setting set up https.

Permissions Admins and Authors

If you went a website that works to multi authors Blog admins or you visible guest post on your blogger blog. you can permission to access to write content on your blog. The managing author invites more writers. 

Reader Access 

Well, it is a relevant option to visible your blog publicly. You can choose to your like, keep your site private or publicly. If you share your content publicly make sure to select the public option and save. Have your Custom readers so manage your reader’s option. 

Blog Search Engine Privacy Settings 

It’s essential to show your Blogger site to search engines, but only if it’s new Blogger blogs hidden from search engines. We can easily display our blog through the Blogspot site on search results. 

This is useful if you’re running a personal blog and don’t want it to become “private” through Blogger settings. First, go to your blog’s dashboard “Basic ›” Settings “. Click the “Edit” link in your privacy settings.

There are two settings under Privacy Settings with the “Yes” and “No” options. You select “Yes” to let search engines find your blog. 

Posts setting 

Posts setting

Max posts are shown on the main home page. where show your blog posts randomly and peoples see to click and read you post easily. 

Home page to share posts Archive Frequency Monthly, day or years. Post template optional Showcase images in an overlay on top of the post Image light box that makes your look awesome. 

Comments Setting 

Comments setting

You know Comment is the best option to take your reader’s remark. Comments design is important what layout your users comment like. 

You can set up Comment location more way: Embedded, Full page, Popup window, Hide Who can comment? 

Users with Google Accounts Comment moderation is the best for a secure way for user’s information. 

Email plantation 

Configure email settings

Email marketing this the best way to increase your brand. Reader comment captcha Show word verification for readers. Who comment active your Email Comment form message Post using email and do email marketing and improve traffic. 

Than do Publish your email immediately posts to the Comment notification email. 

Formatting Time zone 

Formatting Time zone

Formatting Time zone GMT Pacific Time to set up Date header format that in improving your posts SEO. 

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It helps to publish what time and Archive index date format you content on search engines. Your blog is for a specific region local time format that will help local online business. 

Make sure you confirm the appropriate city or any UTC timezone offset in your current time zone. 

Meta Tags of Search Description

Meta Tags of Search Description

Meta tags that Enable search description on search engines.

Meta Description. 

The meta description is a useful meta tag. Which tag explains what search page engines and search themes ever say about your page. 

Still, it does have a high impact on your page’s CTR because such appears in search results. 

A written meta description is fit with a welcome call to action. The meta description explains how to meta tag works in this post appear. SEO is a spider. 

One minute SEO change is the means of coming at New Content. That needs to be your description of your blog activation. If you add meta tags to Blogger templates, all your pages, including the home page, will rank in search engines. Image of meta description example 

Errors and redirects 404 pages

Set Custom Redirects in Blogger

Errors and redirects Not all 404 errors are “bad”. You just need to know how to manage it. Custom redirects 404 redirects to a new page or set up a Custom 404 page for your blog.

Crawlers And indexing By robots.txt

Crawlers And indexing By robots.txt

Enable custom robots.txt in the relevant option that helps to webmaster bot Crawlers and indexing your post properly. 

Example of my Custom robots.txt

User-agent: Media partners-Google 

Disallow: User-agent: * 

Disallow: /search Allow: / 


Fill Up To Add Custom Robots.txt File in Blogger 

Make sure to carefully set up to the Robots.txt file on your blog setting. 

Well, This is a part of the core of your content right on the Google index. 

Blog post Search results in custom robots.txt ranking factors for settings search preferences.

Robots.txt is a text file that of simple code but is important for Google Blogger SEO. The webmaster saves your crawler index code to allow web crawlers to search and crawl your blog. 

Enable custom robots header tags

Blogger is the open blog publishing content management system by Google. Login blogger dashboard.

You can see the Custom Robots Header Tags option on the Blogger dashboard to do more accurate. search engine optimization Robots setting for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and others.

Most people think on-page setting enough SEO. It is Wrong! 

Advance SEO Settings In Blogger 

SEO and Settings In Blogger 2020 Complete Advanced On-Page SEO. If you want to be the first to show up on your website SEO through Google search.

This guide is beautifully written for you. If you’re interested in a full review, you’re in the right place.

Get high-Quality Backlinks 

If you want to rank on the first page of Google, you need to build backlinks from high-quality sites. Backlinks help you blog DA PA that all in all domain authority. Make sure to build a natural way backlink to your site. 

Social Media

Create a brand share links to your content on your social media. You can drive more traffic to your page. Social media helps to drive traffic to increase your SEO rankings. It wey to index deeply your content on search engines. 

Find Broken Links

Search for broken links and google that easily helps search engine rankings that are natural to your Blogger content. 

Fix for SEO fast rank in practice. If you remove some sites from your site, the search still does not remove the search. 

When you create content you place external links that have recently killed or removed the content there. Fix Broken Links using Ahrefs SEO Tools. 

Use Internal Links

Internal Links Important for SEO. Add Internal Links by Use Keyword-Rich Anchor Text to your blog. Internal links help Google discover, index, and get all of the pages on your Blog site. 

Blog Site Speed

Site Speed a good user experience is quickly linked to achieving higher search ranking and organic traffic. If you are view isn’t well Speed designed.  Because users will hit the back button to go back by the search results for lazy loading.

Manage Your Blog For User Intent 

The beautiful designing blog with nice posts attracts visitors and drives more traffic from search engines. Set up advanced SEO optimization for your Blogger blog. Blog setting is one of the most important things for search engine optimization on your Blogspot site. 

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➥Make your blog responsive. – You need to make a site responsive so that readers can easily view the contents. 

➥Share content for peoples. – You create content for your users because you promote your own creativity. 

➥Create better content for users. – Make your content better and more valuable for your blog ranking. 

➥Make your blog loading fasts and amply. – Quickly load your website for your feedback. 

➥ Alt text – Make sure to optimize your images alt text for google search to rank your image and get organic traffic.

➥ Mobile SEO – Users love also mobile friendly website than enable mobile devices option on your blog.

User intent tells what a user seems for when they dispatch a search query. This works ahead of the bit sense of “keywords. Like “(SEO setting 2020)” Keywords are simply that word query grew algorithms. 

People are excited to search on Google user intent keywords leading search engine optimization. Then you write your visitor intent. 

Write Content To Leverage Search Intent. Discovers people’s search Most of the time Leverage search intent questions and information to get an answer. 

You may learn a lot about blog SEO settings. that tip we will get to in only enable your blog on search engines properly.

Which can give you top rankings for your search intent topic? And help you rank for search intent more keyword. If you write in better content you’ll obviously use a lot of these search intention keywords automatically. 

But. Which is not enough. You will still need to choose your keywords later You can use these tools to sort your keywords. 

The keywords you want to search for in your blog posts should be optimized with your SEO. This means search engines consider keywords to and rank higher in organic search. 

Find Suitable Keywords For Each Blog Post

The first thing you need to know about keywords is what I know. For example, many of my posts are on Google Fast Ranking. You know keyword research, you can’t rank without keyword research.

 In this youtube video tips, you’ll learn how to do proper keyword research that drives more traffic to your site. So See this video by ahrefs official Youtube channel.


The part, keyword research, and search engine optimization on the content of your blog. Make sure your blog and start writing content for the targeted primary keyword include covers. 

Write your blog post simply with naturally. To keyword research rule of thumb used to include relevant keywords to give out search inquiry of more SEO. 

It’s best to customize the use of keywords to explore the blog posts you’ve received. This leads to better user experience, that drive visitors from search engines is the key ranking factor. Find out you’re for blog targeting the right keywords which call SEO. 

Example: learn keywords help to search results, let’s determine which intelligent keywords to target in your website’s content. Make sure  SEO strategy to include keywords with optimize your blog posts don’t keyword stuffing.

which do you show search results?  The still of keywords is making for a better understanding of your target content. This Purpose to instantly search posts at the top of search results. 

Focus On Long Tail Keywords 

Wondering Long Tail keywords are more human search intent. Discovering keywords is high search volumes than keep put on your content high search keywords. 

Long-tail keywords are long keywords that are used the most at this time. Uses voice search, specific item searches, and longer tail keywords peoples too using. Use Keyword Analysis tools finding keywords do Seed to apply fit keywords. 

Long-tail keyword fit in your market attacks. it is the best way to better search engine rankings, increase search traffic to enable SEO on a blog. So, you can easily set up your blog.

You can rank your blog site on the first page of all search engines. 

Bonus tip: SEO plugin for blogger login your blogger website and set Blogspot settings to find the blog on google search.


I wish to Follow to rank on google this guide about BlogSpot Blogger SEO Settings. Basic SEO setting on blogger are new blog get rank. 

We have now given detailed blogger SEO settings and the basis of optimization of your BlogSpot. You should read leverage on-page settings blogger blog. Here is a blogger SEO opportunity full guide.

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