10 New Features Included In Telegram Premium

With a user base of 700 million, Telegram is one of the top 5 downloaded apps in the world. The company has achieved this level of success by constantly introducing new features that appeal to its audience.

Telegram Premium is the latest addition to the app, and it focuses on providing even more features than the free model. The company believes that Telegram Premium will help the app continue to be successful and promises to keep adding new features for premium users.

Best Features of Telegram Premium to Look Forward To

Telegram Premium is a subscription-based service that promises a more user-friendly experience and access to exclusive features. However, not all features will be exclusive to the premium version – some existing features will still be available for free. Telegram Premium is priced at Rs. 349 per month in India.

Some of the notable features of Telegram Premium include:

1. No Ads

One of the best advantages of Telegram Premium is that users will not have to deal with sponsored ads that appear constantly. These ads can often be disruptive and interfere with the user experience. However, the ads-free feature is only available in certain countries at the moment. So there are still some users who have not yet encountered טלגראס בוט ads while using Telegram. Nonetheless, if you are currently experiencing ads and want to get rid of them, you should upgrade to Telegram Premium.

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2. Faster Download Speed

Advantages of using Telegram’s premium services include faster download speeds – which will depend on the strength of your internet connection – and the ability to upload files up to 4GB in size. With premium, Telegram users can enjoy a more seamless and faster experience when it comes to downloading and uploading content on the platform.

3. Unique Collection of Stickers

Telegram is a messaging app that’s beloved by many for its wide range of available emojis and stickers – which are especially useful for conveying emotion or tone in a text-based format. While the free version of Telegram offers users a decent selection of these, those who upgrade to Telegram Premium will have access to even more exclusive stickers that are not available to non-paying users. Not only that, but the stickers on the premium version are also larger in size, making them more impactful when sent. When Telegram Premium launched, there were approximately 20 custom stickers and reactions available to users.

4. Animated Profile Pictures

Don’t want to use a regular picture as your profile picture? You can also switch to Telegram ones. Telegram Premium will allow you to add animated profile pictures or videos.


The paid or premium version will help you create a video that will further be displayed as an animation. It will be visible to everyone across the app in an animated version.

5. Doubled Limits with Telegram Premium

Telegram already has a wide range of existing features, and Telegram Premium doubles the limit for all of them. So if you could previously upload a 2GB file, with Premium you can now upload a 4GB file. This increased limit lets you upload high-quality, lengthy videos, as well as a wide range of high-resolution images.

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Telegram Premium offers twice as many groups and channels that can be joined, from 500 up to 1000. Additionally, premium subscribers have double the limits for captions, pinned chats, saved GIFs, favorite stickers, public links, and chats per folder.

When it comes to connectivity, Telegram Premium will let you connect four accounts using different numbers.

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